Here is the plan of attack to bring down America. Quite possibly, you might have the feeling that something is wrong. Well, something is VERY WRONG. The issues mentioned below are not waiting in the wings to happen, A lot of them already have happened, and are still happening and intensifying.

Let’s start with a supposition: “The supposition being that America is a stumbling stone and a hindrance to the global agenda. Israel is in the same unfortunate position.” The attack plan has been made obvious. It doesn’t take genius to understand that America’s own government is spear heading a lot of this plan. First of all, our leaders destroy or weaken our military. Second, make America dependent on other countries for energy, while at the same time jamming an absurd, counterproductive, climate change agenda down everyone’s throat. Third, destroy America’s economic and financial systems. Spend, spend, spend, and ( partly through, “The misnamed, Inflation Reduction Act”, and constantly raising interest rates, which were at zero for years) Fourth, divide America through our social systems.( Race, and class are the vehicles for division.) The spirit of division is critical in all mentioned so far. Fifth, provide a two tiered justice system through our courts. Punish good, promote evil. Justification is for those conforming, persecution for all that resist. ( Follow Joe, or off you go) Sixth, destroy Christianity, ( as government plays God.) Whether you believe in God or not, you must know this. The stage is being set for the coming Antichrist. It is my humble opinion that things are going to wax worse and worse. I have been thinking heavily lately about God intervening to save us. I have come to the conclusion that an intervention by God “more than likely” will not happen. There are prophecies in place that say the New World Order must come. ( Question is, where does America fall in her alliance?) At best, maybe a Great Awakening in America.

China, Russia, Iran, and their ilk are pushing the US out of the NWO. The global agenda is all that matters to the “democrat led, would be one party system.”

About the churches in America: Due to different reasons a lot of American churches are kowtowing to the secular humanist movement. The churches have to a great extent fallen victim to the woke culture. To a certain extent, God’s Word is compromised so that no one is offended, so more confusion and “little absolute truth is put forth.” America has a low percentage of citizens with biblical understanding, let alone a biblical world view. America is post modern, ( little absolute truth acknowledged.)

Changing gears, listen closely: It is my humble opinion that few Americans are able to move beyond their patriotism and pride and have a full understanding of what the attack on 9/11 really signaled. It is my discernment that this attack was a warning and the precursor to judgment on America. Based on my studying the ancient history of God’s dealing with Israel; God often gave warnings and then approximately a twenty year period for the nation to turn and repent from their evil ways. America is approximately 20 years from 9/11, (Joe Biden is the main tool used of God for judgment) When they did repent, He would restore them. When they would not return from their evil ways, He would send calamity and destruction, often by a nearby nation enemy, ( Egypt, Syria, others). I fear that the Biden administration is is hoping for a civil war, brother killing brother in the streets of America. If you don’t think this is possible, you better rethink it. PS – “God uses the evil schemes of men to complete His will.” “ Joe, you are a pawn, used by your party and God.” “You, Joe, are nothing more than a little boy still pissing his pants, you are less than a cockroach.” Written entirely by Frankie The Earthman.

“You better look over your shoulder. The enemy is in hot pursuit.” Artwork from Fauquier High School’s Traveling Art Show in Va.

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