The miserable treacherous part of me wants to shrug my pathetic shoulders and say, “What does anything matter, we humans are like grasshoppers swarming this rock, ( called earth) spinning through outer space with (what could be interpreted as) little rhyme or reason.

Then the higher, illuminated part of me, my revelation mind and spirit, wants to shout out and proclaim to the heavens, the uniqueness of planet earth and thank God for letting me live on His planet, and confess that everything matters, and eternal life is promised to be tear free, trouble free, with sin and death no longer a shadow following us, nor death bells ringing in out ears.

So I struggle and wrestle with this polarization, often not able to reside firmly and permanently in one or the other. Some of you readers might find it interesting to know a few things about being a Christian. For one thing, the “unaware, mostly carefree, cavalier, often wreckless life of the unbeliever” is sometimes longed for by a believer. You might ask why? The why of it is peculiar. When a person becomes a Christian, he or she enters into a new realm of consciousness, a new awareness about an ancient and ongoing struggle between good and evil, God and the devil, and begins to realize that humans are caught in the middle and pressed to make decisions that have eternal consequences. Don’t you remember the mostly simple innocent days of your youth? That is, if you were fortunate enough to be born, have at least one parent and live in a free society, like America, or the western world in general. I don’t remember thinking much about being happy, life was there for the exploding. Then, the older you get you realize the more complicated everything is. You learn quickly that life and people can be very disappointing and brutal. You learn that death can come for you at any moment. You learn that death is your enemy. Hopefully, you eventually learn that God has a plan, but His plan seems to take forever to arrive. So, we endure this flesh, blood and bone existence that is a housing, a tent for your old nature and your new one to struggle, sometimes unaware that God is molding you into what He wants you to be. Written by Frankie The Earthman.

Life is a like a Track Meet, try to stay in the race, as ugly as it can be.

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