“It’s all really a battle of worldviews in our schools” Frankie.

A Question: When did school teachers assume that they could promote, council, and influence “our” children on transgender issues and think that they have a right to co – parent our children? Who gave them this authority? Do these teachers just “feel” they have the right to teach children about actions that are an abomination to God? Oh, wait, we don’t consider God in our schools ( that have become indoctrination, race, equity bound, transgender camps.)

Additionally, teachers are “breaking moral laws, teaching kids (that are prone to hide things from their parents) about gender issues, and pushing them to make uninformed decisions about possibly permanent physical and mental changes.” By the way, IMHO, people don’t “transition” from one gender to another. They don’t ‘trans‘, they ‘false’ gender.

How about helping children with a quote from Andrea Bocelli: ” Without faith, life has no direction.”


We now live in a Communist Banana Republic, where our legal system is weaponized against conservatives, mainly Christians, AND THE BIBLICAL WORLD VIEW, WAKE UP! See JOE BIDEN AND THE RADICAL PROGRESSIVE LEFT AS YOUR PERSONAL ENEMY, OUR FREEDOMS are in the balance. How long before our tyrannical government comes to our homes … handcuffs and hauls someone out in the front yard ( FOR THEIR CHRISTIAN BELIEFS ) of the home, pushes them to their knees, and puts a bullet in the back of their head? Do you think this is farfetched? You better wake up NOW. Frankie The Earthman.


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