Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas commented when asked about border security being a crisis: ” We have a big challenge at the border, but why build a wall?” Da!…REALLY? HOWZA’ BOUT FOR STARTERS 4.2 million spent a day in New York for illegal immigrants … cost estimated to be in billions next year. UHM, how about enough fentanyl crossing the border to kill every American ten times over? HOWZA BOUT THAT YOU LITTLE BALD HEADED COMMUNIST!

BULLETIN! ALERT! THE RULE OF LAW IS DEAD IN AMERICA! Look what is being done with the indictment of the “Orange Man” Donald Trump! Judge Alvin ‘Braggert’ ” The chipmunk” who hates Trump, by the way, is sure to guarantee a fair indictment and trial Riiiiiight! ( if it goes that far). ( smirk) Good luck, YOU, ME, might be targeted next.

The “Constitution” given to our forefathers by the divine guidance of God has been burnt in the trash. Lawlessness, chaos, and ‘one party rule’ are being jammed down America’s throat! Our court systems are dens of gaboon vipers. Our borders are non-existent both to our North and South. Our education systems from kindergarten to university are indoctrination camps. Our DOJ, FBI, almost all of our once hallowed institutions terrorize people to accept their will and agenda. Stay tuned for more. Remember, Joe Biden and ‘THE REGRESSIVE LEFT’ think the average American is an idiot. Frankie The Earthman.

Leonard Cohen says in one of his songs, “I’ve seen the future and it’s murder.”

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