The seam is split, the coal-face cracked. The lines are long, and there’s no going back. Through hands of steel and heart of stone. Our labor day has come and gone

We scorch the earth and set fire to the sky. And we stooped so low to reach so high. A link is lost, the chain undone. We wait all day for night to come.

I’m hangin’ on. God, you’re all that’s left to hold on to. I’m still waitin’ I’m hangin’ on, you’re all that’s left to hold on to.

Lyrics from U2’s RED Hill Mining Town, Album – The Joshua Tree. Words added by me, Frankie The Earthman. The Joshua Tree album greatly changed my perspective about many creative possibilities.

Dreamed I saw a desert rose. Dress torn in ribbons and bows, like a siren calls to me. U2- In God’s Country- The Joshua Tree.

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