WHO DOES THE LAW APPLY TO? THE LAW NOW APPLIES TO SOME AND NOT OTHERS. THE “regressive” left, led by “squirrel brained Joe Biden” “no brains Kamala Harris”, aided by Alvin “chipmunk face” Bragg, George ” I need another blood transfusion” Soros, the media, the weaponized FBI, DOJ, CHINA, millions of WOKE AMERICAN CITIZEN that are just plain “*ignoranuses” ( *my new word) dumb asses that don’t realize they are being used to divide this country as our rights and freedoms are quickly being taken away, run lawless and free while Donald Trump is indicted on 34 charges. Where is justice? Justice is dead in America. The democrats feel that they are smarter than everyone and will scheme and manipulate, rape, pillage, and plunder everything and everyone to dominate and destroy this country and turn it into a Banana Republic. What thinkest thou?

Our weaponized, corrupt courts hold Donald Trump, his family, his friends, his associates, his supporters, to the rule of law, but it stops there. The law does not apply to Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton, and many others.

If you are guilty until proven innocent, where does hearing both sides of a story stand? How can a case be decided without hearing both sides? The democrats don’t believe in two sides, THERE IS ONLY ONE SIDE, “THEIR SIDE.” ( PASS OUT THE SWASTIKAS).

These are men, Joe Biden is anybody’s little bitch boy.

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