The Democrats are never what they say and seem to be, never.

Let’s expose the Democrats. Every time there’s a shooting somewhere, the democrats scream “gun control.” What do they actually mean by the phrase “gun control?”

IMHO and wisdom, they mean, take the guns out of everyday law-abiding citizens, leaving them defenseless. The criminals will weild their weapons regardless of the laws.

In addition, the democrats version of gun control usually revolves around “gun free zones.” IMHO and wisdom, a gun free zone is an invitation for a mass murder to take place. Churches should have trained armed members. Schools should have trained armed employees, be it teachers or whoever, etc, etc.

Have you stopped and asked yourself why everything that the democrats come out with is against the American citizen, and pro – China?

Guns helped establish this country. Guns in the hands of the right people “might” save it.

Note: All of you cry baby “woke” degenerate reprobates sucking your mama’s teet until your forty years old, wake up to a vicious enemy that is waiting to crush you and steal this country, you have been duped. China and Tik Tok are your enemy. Russia is your enemy. Iran is your enemy; and last but not least, Joe Biden is your enemy, you bunch of candy asses. Frankie The Earthman.

America needs more Indiana Jones’

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