Don’t say sex change, say “gender affirming care.” Don’t say,”he’s dead,” say, ” he’s resting,”

Joe Biden, don’t say, ” I am sold out to China, I hate America, my boy Hunter is a good boy” say, ” It’s all Donald Trumps’ fault, including the early exit from Afgahnistan, the criminal border crisis, the “once energy independent America, now begging for oil situation”, the rampant crime in American cities, the weaponized COURT SYSTEMS, the can’t jail Trump at the Federal level, bur let’s try at the local state level, the politicized FBI, the ruined American educational system, turned indoctrination camps for DEI, ( diversity, equity, inclusion) there’s more, but all for now. Frankie The Earthman.

I wish Myork ‘ass’ would be abducted by aliens.

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