” As former Soviet citizens can attest, the death rate from COVID is much, much lower than the death rate from losing your democracy.” – attorney Michael P. Senger, author of the book Snake Oil: How Xi Jinping Shut Down The World.

Dr. Scott Atlas wrote: 46% of the most common types of cancers were not diagnosed during the lockdown.

Half of people who had chemotherapy appointments didn’t show up; that‘s 650,000 Americans.

Half of people who had immunizations for children didn’t come in out of the fear instilled by our so-called public health experts.

We had more than 200,000 cases of child abuse not reported.

One out of four young college-age Americans have contemplated killing themselves during the month of June [2020], that’s a CDC report.

Thank you so much, Anthony Fauci, Joe Biden, Bill Gates, The Media ( in general), “The Panda Bear” criminal Xi Jinping, and all behind the lies about marks and lockdowns, may you burn in hell forever for what you have done, a true crime against humanity. Frankie The Earthman

Note: ” A True Killer” Covid is a true killer. So far, it has killed the flu, cancer, and heart disease – it killed the ability to think, logic, and common sense. It killed the economy, the working class, and millions of jobs, it killed millions of businesses, human connection, love, and compassiom.” A Twitter wag posting under the handle Colin’s Tweet’s #LearnToLiveWithIt ( @GovPolicyDoubt) 9.

The bigger question: People, do you have ears to hear, eyes to see what is coming? Study Daniel’s 70th week in Biblical prophecy eschatology, commonly identified as THE TRIBULATION PERIOD. If you think it’s ugly now, you ain’t seen anything yet. I am trusting God that I won’t be around for it, my family and I. Where will you be? Do you believe in The Rapture? Frankie. Hats off to Marc Morano and his scholarly epic book THE GREAT RESET. Comments by Frankie.

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