Why do we need laws? Some would say laws constrict our freedoms.

There is God-given law. There is natural law. If we seriously think about law, we can come to some intelligent conclusions. Mankind can create or destroy law.

In my comprehension of the order of things in the universe, creation and society, it goes like this: In order for a natural law to exist, there has to be a supernatural power to make it. This is true, especially in the complex laws of creation and design, which require an “intelligent designer.” The primordial soup theory does not work for me. “All of the elements needed for life and creation did not mysteriously exist 4 to 6 billion years ago and magically assemble themseves.” Look at your watch, if one part is not made to critical specifications, the whole watch is as the Germans say,”kaputt.” EXPAND THE WATCH THEORY TO THE UNIVERSE, don’t be dull and slow. Please study The Mechanical Design Theories. Look at the design of the universe, the laws in place to “hold it all together,” and then think of ” a Big Bang Theory.” If there was a Big Bang, God was in control of it, and doing the banging. Further, just because any person, super intelligent scientist, or other can not understand, believe, or desire the things of God, does not permit them to ‘demand’ others believe in their limited understanding of things like the origin of the universe and mankind. They simply are not qualified for the task, and they will not evolve to understand.” That is in my humble opinion. God is God, Man is Man. Understand and accept your designation in life.

Let’s switch to laws concerning society. In our modern society and culture, observe what is taking place because we do not observe or enforce the law. Law is not meant to hinder, it is meant to protect. Just because a person, any person, has not been able to be successful in life or have the material possesions they desire, does not give them the right to break the law. It does not give them the right to loot, pillage, and destroy. There has to be a better way. People can get so mixed up and think “they are entitled to something they have not earned.” I blame the government in a lot of cases. There is an effort by elected officials to control people by “providing everything they need in order to enslave them to their political success and agenda.” So, let’s not talk about slavery and reparations, when our own government is the ‘king of slavery’ and will if they can, enslave us all, controlling our every thought. Wake up to the onslaught of our present government that is breaking every law in existence and trampling our Constitution.

So, no matter what the topic or concern, if there are no laws, we tumble into chaos and death, totally controlled by our ADAMIC FALLEN NATURE. “WE HAVE SEEN THE LAWLESS ENEMY AMD HE IS US.” This post written entirely by Frankie The Earthman.

Supernatural laws are in place.

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