This post was inspired by Bishop E.W. Jackson – American Family Radio – Easter Sunday 2023. Comments and development of this idea by Frankie.

Have you ever wondered why God made such a vast universe? Have you ever considered that the earth could actually be a very unique place made by God for his children? If God wanted to make more planets, He surely could have. If He wanted us to go “planet hopping” through the universe; I’m sure he would have designed it for that and more.

Consider this: What if the vastness of the universe was made for a future plan? Our current configuration of flesh, blood, and bone is not necessarily designed for deep space travel.

Did God have in mind our resurrected bodies when configuring His vast universe? It seems the deeper we are able to look into space, the more vastness we see. It is now estimated that there are trillions of galaxies, having some fifty billion stars in each galaxy. These estimates are considered to be conservative, with the limited amount of space we have been able to see.

To explore a universe of this size we would have to be able to travel at the speed of light, to even make a dent in our journeys. Perhaps this will be one function of our resurrected bodit’s, I hope so.

It is my opinion that “we try not to bring God down to our little limited understanding.” We need to try to ascend to Him. It is my opinion that we have been too busy and concerned about finding aliens. ( BY THE WAY, these supposed aliens are more than likely fallen angel demons using technology from the first earth age . READ 2 Peter 3:5 and on.) I think we should be looking more inward than out, and at the uniqueness of planet earth; and how it is a gift. Perhaps our universe is our future playground. Frankie The Earthman.

Happy Easter, meet you in our future astral playground?

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