One demon “god” of ancient Israel’s history, THE ENCHANTRESS is taking over in America, duping many of our unknowing, unaware young. One of the gods changed identities of others ( men to women, women to men) and appearances depending on the time, place, people, and culture. The “Enchantress” was one of the demons making up THE DARK TRINITY. QUESTION: Was Audrey Hale possessed by the Enchantress? Sure seems like it to me. Also investigate the video game that came out ( just prior to the shootings) about the Transgender character killing all who disagreed with them about transgenderism. DEMONS, ANCIENT DEMONS ARE RUNNING AMOK, AS PROPHECIED. Warning: The media would have you believe this incident was just another “gun” control issue.

As for America, though there are many spirits and principalities, it is the same dark trinity that is most prominent in its fall from God, just as it was in Israel’s fall from God. As they transformed ancient Israel, they are now transforming America and Western civilization, and through this, the world.

Jonathan Cahn has commented and made parallels to the shooting in Tennessee at the Christian school by the transgender shooter who was named Audrey Hale. J. Cahn points out that Audreys’ last name ( Hale) means “One who dwells in the hollows. ( compare to the story in Matthew about Jesus and the demoniac who dwelt in the hollows and terrorized people.) He also suggests there are spiritual signs in the six people that were killed, indicating the Mark of the Beast, 666 .. 6 is the number of man, there were 6 people killed, all in their 60s, thus 666,( 3 adults) 3 children, all 9 years old. Notice Satan is an inverter and 666 would be 999. Wow! make the connection! Know this friends, flesh does not always act out in and of itself, there are spiritual entities behind the flesh acting out. Evil demons can possess people. Check out Jonathn Cahn’s video: The mystery behind the shooting at Tennessee.

Spirit of Baal everywhere.

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