In ancient warfare, the winning side would capture the enemy and often times cut off their thumbs and big toes. “Woke folk” metaphorically speaking, have no big toes or thumbs, making them next to useless for anything constructive or useful.

Think about how serious this would degrade a person as a soldier and a functioning human being. A person with no thumbs can’t grasp much of anything. This is a ‘physical’ description, but as far as our woke zombie culture goes, these “woke imbecile reprobates” can grasp very little ‘mentally.Our very government through our educational system mainly has ruined a generation or more. It’s all part of the plan to take down America. Additionally, a person without big toes has no balance. Our woke zombie culture has no balance about life whatsoever, they run around like farts in a hail storm. All they seem to care about is their next government handout, free education, and murdering innocent babies. Most Woke People are crying, whining, sniveling, save the whales, save the the planet, but kill the babies, sorry excuses for human beings, this is spiritual warfare, I assure you, Frankie The Earthman.

I say we need the overwhelming smell of testosterone wafting up some WOKE noses.

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