The Hebrew word for soul is Nephesh, it means “breath.Mankind and animals are both blessed with this “breath” of life. The word Nephesh is used in the Bible some 100 times to describe animals as having a soul or nephesh.

Some great theologians have weighed in on the subject where people have asked for centuries “Will my beloved pets go to heaven when they die, and will they be part of my heaven?” KNOWLEGABLE Men like C.S. Lewis ( in his book The Problem of Pain) suggests that humans are able to impart on to domestic animals a certain part of his or her self, and in this way that certain animals may have an immortlity, not in themselves, but in the immortality of their masters. Billy Graham and Martin Luther had similar beliefs about animals.

To add to this hope about our pets: Acts 3: 21 says, “In the new Heaven and Earth ‘all’ things will be restored. All things would include your pets. [ Otherwise, might it be said, “A person’s heaven would be incomplete without their cherished pets.” Quote by Frankie]

My further thoughts: Would it be a stretch to say that if God through Jesus Christ can impart eternal life to his believers, can human beings through their love impart part of themselves onto their animals? So, can a dog find immortality through the immortality of their masters through imputation? ME THINKS YES, based on the above-mentioned. Seems to me all dogs deserve heaven. God and dogs, two definitely sources of unconditional love, question might arise, is this a coincidence or something divine? Hmmm. Peace. Frankie The Earthman. This post was inspired by family friend “Jessica” and her love for Charley, her beloved dog.

What are you imparting to your beloved pet? Could it be immortality because you are immortal? Are you immortality? Picture of my families’ cherished Princess Aja, also called “Puuchee”

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