My discernment: My perspective is put forth from a ” Christain Based World View And Belief System” simply because all other systems are inadequate for explaining THE HIGHER THINGS OF LIFE.

Some will consider my expressions narrow-minded, politically incorrect, and not “all inclusive” as the DEI radicals would have you believe. Remember, a once Christian dominated America, is now a *post-modern ( *no absolute truths believed in or observed, or held sacred) society. Jesus wad a radical and His salvation was / is conditional and “available to all, but not all inclusive” faith is the SEPARATOR, CHRITS’ DEITY IS THE ISSUE. Christs’ deity is accepted, believed in, or hated and offensive.

So, IMHO opinion, if anyone will not at least consider the things of God, they are living in a “closed system. Those seeking higher meaning through God about this “fallen tragedy of a death planet existence we are all victim to” are living in an “open system.” The difference between the two is life and death, but most are too busy with their self-absorbed existence. Frankie The Earthman.

Is your “life system” open or closed?”

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