Funny, but sad thing is when Biden became president ” all he had to do was next to nothing.” Joe could have had four years riding Donald Trumps achievements, and probably been reelected in 2024, but there is an often overlooked force at work: GODS’ PERGECT PLAN AND WILL. JOE THE MUMBLING, BUMBLING, STUMBLING BAFOON.

Let me explain:Looking back, Donald Trump had followed through and Made America Great Again. The economy was clicking along. We had respect as the world leader throughout the important regions of the globe. We had become more energy independent. Our military was getting stronger. The woke agenda was not at a demonic level. There was a measure of unity, though Trump was hated, ( The media and the regressive democrat party made sure of that.)

So, in light of all I have just mentioned and more, in my humble opinion, Joe Biden should have done next to nothing. All he had to do was continue with everything Trump had put in place and just leave it alone. But like many people, Joe could not overcome his hatred of Trump. He had to pick up where Obama left off in weaponizing and politicizing key institutions that had been long established as fairly trustworthy. Joe was / is unknowingly being used by powers far greater than him for end time purposes. Joe does not have a discerning bone in his tired old body. Joe is just a figurehead. He is not being held responsible because, in a way, he is not responsible. There are deep state forces that are doing the dirty work for him. Have you ever thought about how Joe always walks around with thatcheesy smile of his?” I bet you, in a way, he feels like he is innocent. To me, he is more than guilty, he is complicit, he hates America and is doing everything he can to destroy her. But a lot of America does’nt care anymore, and I often wonder why I care. All for now, Frankie The Earthman. Joe is really a self serving pig, willing to hurt millions for his devilish agenda.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you FESTUS Fetterman, poised to be greater than “Pot Hole Pete Buittigieg.” and that ain’t sayin’ much.

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