Joe’s southern border neglect is a high crime. His weakening and neglect of our military. Supporting issues like DEI. His support and preference for less than 1% of the LGBTQ+ military population over the majority of “sraight” soldiers. Studies have proven the risk and hindrance of LGBTQ+ readiness for combat. The military should be based on a MERIT SYSTEM, NOT HOW YOU LOOK, YOUR SKIN COLOR, ETC.

Joe has ruined our energy independence with his executive orders, doing away with everything Donald Trump had in place to secure our independence, i.e., (closing pipelines then begging foreigners for oil.) What has Joe done to fight the lawlessness and crime that is at a fever pitch across America? How is it that Joe is not held accountable for anything. How is it that Biden blames Trump for his Afghanistan withdrawal and complete failure? How is it that Russia, China, Iran, and God knows who else are planning to degrade America to the point of not being a superpower in THEIR NWO? How is it that Joe screams “our democracy is at risk, if Donald Trump or other Republican becomes President”, when Joe has done EVERYTHING WITHIN HIS POWER TO DESTROY DEMOCRACY And turn America into the China of the West?

How is it that one-third to one – half of Americans would vote again for Joe and his crime family as he is selling out America to Xi Jinping? (Part of the answer is that America is no longer a predominantly christian nation, and Gods’ hedge of protection has been lifted, literally given us over to our wicked ways.) Another part of it is that since 9/11 America has been under judgment from God, and multitudes of people still don’t understand this. In israel’s ancient history, God had to allow and deal with good kings and bad kings. However, God’s “will” was still accomplished. Joe Biden is a tool being used by God for His purposes. All for now, authored by Frankie The Earthman.

George Soros, Joe Bidens’ money man, initiating high crimes against America.

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