Pay attention, it”s a long shot, but you might learn something. God has set standards. Just because you can’t live up to them doesn’t give you the right to change them. What gives you the right in your degraded, compromised, abominable “anyway the wind blows lives” and your WEAK reprentation of almost ( 2%, or whatever it is now) of the popualation, (that is THE radical LGBTQ+ WHOEVER ) to dictate what the other 98% believes in? “What gives you the right to think that your perversion of established cultural and societal beliefs and norms is an answer to any of our world’s problems? It’s not really an answer for even you trans people. It’s an excuse because you don’t understand God. You blame Him for your spiritual depravity. You blame Him because you think ‘your’ brainless truth, and your feelings make you legitimate in your little world. A man can never be a woman, a woman a man, NEVER, ( YOU can cut off your teets, mutilate your coochie, take hormones, and whatever, and the most you will ever become is a suicidal dysfunctional hot mess. Likewise, cut off your penis and your balls, take hormone treatments, and you are still a man. X‘s are X’s and Y’s are Y’s.

A question for you deviants, have, or do you ever see God fearing people, roaming the streets, looking to get in someone’s face, screaming, whining, crying, and threatening you and your circus idea of an existence? NO, you don’t, why?, because we know WHO AND WHAT WE BELIEVE IN. And understand this, you foolish idiots, “we” believers don’t hate you, we hate what you do, your vicious, reprobate lifestyle.

Is this enough of my stooping down to your despicable street level in my language? Do you get me sweethearts? And don’t dare call me ugly when you are the captains and queens of ugly. Frankie The Earthman.

Don’t believe a word Klaus Schwab says, he is a devil.

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