Our world’s main struggle is controlling information. *Human beings need a place to go where they know they are not being lied to. *Per Elon Musk, ( in an interview with Tucker Carlson about AI ), [Now my comments] ” The radical left and their desire to control society down to ‘our’ very thoughts, and then lock us into a reward / punishment system, ( like China ) based on our compliance with their heinous criminal regime would be programmed into AI. IMHO, and discernment, ” The radical ‘American hatingregressive left liberals can’t win legimate ‘elected’ office without lying, deceiving, manipulating, and cheating. IE: THE ULTIMATE TRAITOR, DECEIVER, JOE BIDEN, and his sidecar passenger ‘ The Joker‘ Kamala ‘Camel Toe’ Harris.” So, the left amongst others would abuse and ruin the good potential of AI with their nonstop ABUSE TO GAIN AND KEEP POWER ( Per Elon Musk, paraphrased- “AI could bring about Civilizational Destruction.” Frankie sez, “Just what we need, more counterproductive weaponization, politicization of a potential good to society. Frankie The Earthman.

In demanding, we be seen as who and what we “identify as” we lose our true identity, many are so confused, they have no identity.

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