The bending, blurring,and breaking of distinctions characteristic of the pagan world began seeping into nearly every corner of American culture and life. The distinctions between right and wrong, life-and-death, the natural and the unnatural, man and woman, good and evil – they were now blurring, bending, and breaking.

It was all born of the same root, the pagan confusion and merging of the Creator and the creation, God and man. If the world was God and man was one with the world, then man was God. As God, he could nullify reality or create another. He could even re-create Himself. He could make the unnatural natural and the natural unnatural. He could alter values, turn right into wrong, evil into good, and good into evil

But if man had become God and God was the world, then there was nothing else. Then there was nothing beyond the world to give meaning to life or purpose to existence. And if the world was broken and the world was God, then God was broken. And then there could be no repair. And if man was lost and man was God, then God was lost, and there was no hope of redemption. And so the dismal emptiness and hopeless despair of ancient paganism began creeping back into Western Civilization and darkening it. For how could there be any hope of redemption or salvation if the one drowning was the lifeguard.

Under the deep magic of Baal, America was morphing into something altogether alien to what had it once been and once stood for. As he had done to ancirnt Israel, he was now doing to America. The leader of Christian civilization was becoming distinctly pagan. Baal had turned America into its own antithesis.

Could an ancient word be behind our most advanced technologies, and an ancient mystery lie behind the rise of the computer?

THE IDENTITY OF GOD. With regard to the worshipper, a god or idol is that which one ultimately worships, serves, and lives for. It is that which one most focuses and dwells on, and from which one takes the greatest joy. It is that which one must reveres and is led, moved, and driven by. It is one’s ultimate reality and the purpose of one’s life. So if one turns from God, there will always be another, a god, or an idol. Refrence: Jonathan Cahn, in his revelation book: THE RETURN OF THE GODS, PGS 58-59.

Frankie’s comments: I present J. Cahn’s work with my comments because I view the information presented as vital to the recovery and possible saving of America from those that are betraying her, the spearhead being the ‘dunderhead’ Joe Biden. The foundation for this traitoership was/ is led by Barack Obama. We must also be made aware of the fact that we are far beyond the things that are stated in the above post. Conditions and culture have deteriorated almost beyond reprieve. The good news is that God is in control though it doesn’t seem that way. God knows the beginning from the end, and *’evil must be dealt with once and for all.’ *This is what the ‘end of this age’ is ultimately all about. Wars are coming, the New World Order is coming, and there’s no stopping the appearance of the prophesied Antichrist and the Tribulation period. ( Daniel’s 70th week) We must ‘WAKE FROM WOKE’! Frankie The Earthman.

Joe Biden’s reason for existing while Rome burns.

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