Do you want a deeper understanding of what is called THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD?

IMAGINE: THERE IS A GODHEAD, made up of three. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Think about it. One part of this TRINITY, Jesus, Yeshua, THE SON OF GOD, has such power as to speak a world, a universe into existence. Such power as to take two hands full of dirt from His earth, and ” blow the breath of lives into this “made of dirt man.” He then makes this man, ADAM, a ‘help meet’ companion from the very body of the man, a woman! Wow! Can you imagine the face of Adam as he beheld woman! singing ” Happy days are here again.”

From the creation of man and woman the story of humankind goes forth.

God had a plan to produce a “As it is heaven, let it be on earth” situation. God said, ” Let us make man in our image.” He had planned for Adam and Eve to be the heads of His earthly counsel ( EDEN), as it is in heaven. ( See Psalm 82,ESV, and in Hebrew for a study in the singular and plural use of the word elohim where God is addressing His heavenly counsel, elohim, lower gods over the disinherited nations) HOWEVER God’s plan was thwarted by Satan’s seduction of Adam and Eve, bringing about the fall of man. Written by Frankie.

So there you have a backdrop for Amir Tsarfati’s “Lamb and Lion” chapter, from his book REVEALING REVELATION, PGS 86 -89.

A Lamb– One of the most helpless and docile of creatures. It provides wool for a while until the time comes for its slaughter. Jesus, God Himself, “Made Himself of no reputation, taking the form of a bondservant, and coming in the likeness of men. And being found in the appearance as a man, He humbled Himself and became obedient to the point of death, even the death of the cross. ( Philipians 2: 7-8). The all-powerful God made himself powerless. The sovereign Lord made himself subservient. He provided wisdom and teaching for a while until the time came for His slaughter. Just like the lamb’s flesh provides for physical life, Jesus flesh and His blood, provide “eternal life” and [He] will raise Him up at the last day.” (John 6: 54).

John ( when caught up to heaven) would have recognized jesus in this role. He had seen the Savior on the cross — torn, battered, bloody. Jesus entered the room as the redemptive sacrifice. The slain Lamb was a reminder to everyone of the justice of what was about to take place. Jesus had suffered and died on the cross so that every person who was about to experience the coming wrath would have an opportunity for redemption. But they rejected the free gift that cost the Savior so much and turned their backs on God’s mercy. Whatever they were about to face, it would be based on their own choice. (A reflection on Revelation 5.)

Another reason for Jesus coming as the Suffering servant and the Sufficient sacrifice was to visually show the full character of God, the all-powerful Lord on the throne who became one of us, as stated in Philipians 2″ 7-8. Perfect sovereignty and perfect humility. Compare this part of the story to the second part, where Jesus returns, not as a Lamb, but as a conquering Lion, His bride, THE CHURCH WITH HIM.

Must have.

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