Attention all: Can you see the level of abandonment? It has been reported that some two hundred and fifty thousand immigrant children have been lost. It has also been reported that these children have been turned into slaves to work off paying for their access to this country. They are working in slave camp conditions, working on roofs, hard construction projects, and the like.The thing that really chaps my ass is that men like Joe Biden and Mr. Myorkas ( When asked if they have any compassion or care about the abuse) ignore or dodge the questions, Joe, with his pathetic smile‘, Mr. Myorkas with his ‘blank’ reprobate face.

So, I want to ask all of you radical left democrats: What is the level of abandonment at our southern and northern borders that you will put up with? Haven’t you seen enough of crooked Joe Biden and his crime family? I would imagine that most of you just don’t give a damn. Perhaps you’ll give a damn, when you find yourself under a ‘China like Communist regime’ where they dictate and monitor everything you do, down to your thoughts, and put you on a reward/punishment system for your compliance, or lack there of. Would that ‘wake you from your woke‘? If you support Joe Biden, I have no respect or use for you. You are a sorry excuse for a human being. Put these comments in your politically correct file, you walking dead, Trump syndrome, losers. ARE YOU COMPLICIT WITH BIDEN AND MYORKAS? GOD IS WATCHING YOUR COMMON, DULL, SLOW ASSES. IF you don’t like me fighting fire with fire, don’t read my blog, I couldn’t care less. Frankie The Earthman.

AOC’s ” fake crying at kids in cages, while looking the other way at ‘the real abuse’ taking place at our southern border concerning children.” The woman on the right is a brilliant lawyer.

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