YET LYIN’ PEDO JOE BIDEN says his economic plan leaves no on behind, well he’s Right and only in this sense: We all pay the same high gas prices, We all have watched our energy independence die, We all pay the high food prices. We all pay extra for winter heating and summer cooling. We all live in the threat of China, Russia, and Iran plotting a NWO that doesn’t include the U.S. as a world power.

We, or most of us, watch as Joe Biden, his administration and crime family, gets richer and richer while the average American is swirling down the toilet.

A first year Economics student knows that the overall inflation rate may go down, However, Gas prices, food prices, etc, will not go down easily once they are raised. Perhaps a depression might bring prices down. Whoopee!

This ‘woman’ (KARINE, KAREN ) and I call her that with extreme caution are the reason blacks are called derogatory racist names. My friend called her ” A jungle bunny” … Me, would I ever stoop that low? If pissed off enough, YES.

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