It seems normalcy, including Godly intended sexual design, normal function of male and female anatomy, the definition of what a man and a woman actually are, what makes a criminal a criminal, and a victim a victim, good is now evil, evil now good, right is now wrong, wrong is right, lawlessness is king, jails are being emptied into the already crime filled streets, businesses looted, pillaged, and plundered, high food and gas prices are tolerated, Mr. Myorkas is a damned liar about the southern border, Joe Biden and his family are getting rich, Xi Jinping is buying up American farmland. Spy balloons are now permitted to roam wherever and collect whatever information they so desire. We are afraid to challenge China because we have let ‘supply chain issues’ get out of control, China is poised to invade Taiwan and control critical electronic parts, Democrat and ( the sky is falling radicals ) are continually screaming “climate change” is our most critical concern, our current government seems Satanically complicit, our lawmakers are devils, and only a handful have nuts bigger than raisins, and any idea whatsoever on how to solve the world’s problems. Donald Trump has been metaphorically, raped, abused, and hung in the public square for putting America first. The integrity of future elections is totally untrustworthy, It seems the perverted Woke agenda is controlling most everything, George Soros should be drawn and quartered, along with Klaus Schwab, let’s see, what else, America is now viewed as a bunch of pussy’s, our military is compromised, and by many, our preferred example of what a man should be is evidenced in our continuing seduction by “Pole Smokin’ Buggerers” like Barack Obama, the fraudulent Michael Obama, ‘Pedo‘ Joe Biden, screwballs like Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Numbskull Nancy Pelosi, Kamala ( does nothing) Harris and a host of others. Meanwhile, Biden is lost in his perverted little world, sayin’ “Ain’t it all wonderful, I think I can run again in 2024.” God forbid. America, at least one-third of it is totally deaf, dumb, pathetic, Godless, and uninformed about anything spiritual. Good luck losers, “but I will be the bad guy for pointing the obvious truth” but then again, who cares about absolute truth? Remember, the unsinkable Titanic never made it through one voyage.Written entirely by Frankie The Earthman.

America on fire, we can’t get out of our own way, greed and pride are our masters.

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