Hey, Joe Biden, what calamity have you backed by your negligence now? Hey Joe, don’t walk away … Joe, what about the 27 new terrorist groups that have been repopted in Afghanistan? It is estimated that there is a potential major attack on America within six months… Hey Joe, don’t turn away… Joe, where are you going? Joe, it is reported that American taxpayers’ money is being stolen by the Taliban, so Joe, are Americans paying FOR THE NEXT 9/11 attack on American soil? “Hey Joe, where you going with that ice cream cone in your hand? ( J.Hendrix )… Hey Joe, 9.9 billion to house illegals in New York City? Well, Joe, I guess you’ll be raising taxes?… Hey Joe, wake up, i’m talking to you… Never mind, Joe, go back to sleep… Frankie The Earthman.

Cohen said, ” I’ve seen the future, and it’s murder.”

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