Don’t worry, be happy. Don’t be concerned about education. Don’t even worry about your lack of education limiting your material, social, and relationship gains. If you need a place to live, just go to a really nice neighborhood and look for a vacant home and then become a squatter. You know that we have the law on your side. Then after you get your home, if you need furniture. Just go steal a truck, go to a furniture store, steal what you want, take it home, and Joe’s your uncle.

If you want to load up your refrigerator, just go to the supermarket, steal what you want, take it home. Hey, it’s okay. The law will look the other way. If you need a car, just roam your neighborhood ,find one you like and steal it. It’s all good.

Clothes a problem? Find somebody on the street that is wearing the clothes you want including the shoes and just knock them out and steal their clothes. Don’t worry, be happy.

Are you lonely in need of sex, and find it hard to have a normal relationship in any form or fashion? Hey, don’t worry, just find someone that you really like, drag them behind a wall or bush and rape them. The law will make sure that your victim is charged with abusing you. Hey, go for it.

Warning, these suggestions are for blacks and minorities that have not been afforded the same opportunities as white folk. Another warning to white folk, these suggestions are ‘in no way are for you’, You will find yourself under the jail if you commit such acts. Thanks mainly to Barack Obama and Joe Biden for ushering in the spirit of lawlessness, which was under the guise of CHANGE.

Disclaimer: If you can’t see this post is total sarcasm, then you must be mentally ill. Frankie The Earthman.

Mountain flower, nature gives freely.

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