Looking back in heavy contemplation, I ask myself, When did the American train go sideways and leave the proverbial tracks? I believe it was when John F. Kennedy was assassinated in broad daylight in Dallas, Texas. I remember the effect of the murder, the funeral, and all the media coverage had on me. I think I was in the fifth grade. My teacher came in the classroom on that day, tears in her eyes, and tissue in hand, as she hit the button that turned off the TV ( we students were watching our French lesson, the importance of learning French died that day, as we 5th grade children were hearing and learning, and would learn about The Dark Hearts of Men ) as she said in a choked up voice, THE PRESIDENT HAS BEEN SHOT. We students slumped in our chairs, not knowing what to think.

The world changed for most everyone that day. I think a part of America’s soul died during the JFK and then the RFK debacle. IMHO, the train had left the station and went sideways off the tracks during those times.

Fast forward to the dreadful face of LBJ, conspiracy theorists want to know, ” Was he complicit in JFK’s assassination? I guess we will never know, it is however, very problematic to me that the JFK documents are still sealed, this tells me something horrible is being hidden, to protect heinous crimes possibly committed by those in our own government.

Then we endured ” Tricky Dick Nixon, Oy!, what a deceiver. Then we had old Jimmy Carter and his pathetic symbolic offering of “peanuts to America.”

Relief came with Ronald Reagan. The new madness and corruption manifested through the Bush dynasty, followed by cigar weilding “Slick Willie, Bill Clinton.”

Forward to the ” Card carrying radical Muslim, Barack Obama”, his man wife, Michael Michelle, and their promise of CHANGE, little did we know, the destruction of America, was the CHANGE Barack had in mind. Hope had arrived in Donald trump, but soon died after one four year crucifixion of The Orange Tornado and his family, and all evil done to this man, for putting America first.

Then we have THE SON OF SATAN, in the ‘freak‘ of Joe Biden, the ultimate deceiver and liar. This man has done everything within his power to destroy America. The sad thing is multitudes of Americans sit apathetic and idly by and watch it happen. All for now, written entirely by Frankie The Earthman.

Pic of J. Cahn, a real man.

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