Environmental Justice will be run by an Environmental Officer. This environmental justice squad will give companies an Environmental Justice ‘scorecard.’ And if companies and people do not buy into this radical left’s New Green Deal oriented program, they will be called racist… the radical democratic left is all about racism… How long, O Lord, how long? Meanwhile, the Chinese are building weapons to capture satellites. The big question has to be: How will that affect America militarily? Why is it that common folk think about these things, and Joe Biden is pushing Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forums’ 2030 deep state agenda. Oftentimes, I think the government is up to one big misdirection campaign. They get their little political fires going to distract from the real issues that need to be solved. “Climate Change, climate change”, the dems scream. Meanwhile, China is slowly destroying America. JOE BIDEN IS AN ANTI AMERICAN TRAITOR. His family is complicit. Where do we turn for justice in this death of America and everything American, including our Constitution. We can’t turn to the Department of Justice. We can’t turn to the FBI, we can’t rely on the Supreme Court. The radical left Democrat is running the government. Frankie The Earthman.

Democrats: destroy, destroy, destroy, then blame Donald Trump and the ‘Right.’

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