I don’t know what the problem is with accepting Inteligent Design, but then again, I do understand. It is my belief and understanding that the ‘natural mind’ will only take you so far in this world and universe as far as Intelligent Answers to the many mysteries of our existence. The ‘Empirical mindset’ is way too limited, and crippling to humans understanding of a bigger purpose and plan for humanity,and the uiverse ( for one thing, Empirically speaking, how do we account for Good and Evil, and human suffering? How do we explain that humans ‘ tend’ toward evil and will war and murder at the drop of a hat?) Having said this, it is not meant to discount the important of science in the natural and empirically based research. To me, if you think about it, science and a “God concept” belief system match up really well. I guess it takes a spiritual mind to understand this. Many hate God, and couldn’t care less, no matter what evidence/ history/ beliefs are offered.

So here is how simple understanding what intelligent design “should be.” A preaching again. wristwatch has precision designed and made parts, which can not assemble themselves. The same goes for houses, cars, boats, clothes, all electronics, etc, etc. What about the animal kingdom, what about the complexity of the human body? What about pollination, where does intelligent design fall short? Only in the hearts of rebellious God hating men.

So if these relatively simple things need intelligent design and assembling, how do we get off as a human race saying that this magnificent universe and earth that we live in, does not have an intelligent designer? Those of us who do not believe in intelligent design have scales on their eyes, and their minds are spiritually darkened. Digressing a little bit, how do we get off saying that guns kill people? We need to get it through our heads that it is not gun violence’. it is ‘people violence. It is the tendency toward evil of the human race. It is ignorance, pride, greed, lust, vanity, lovers of self, and haters of God. ( There I go preachin’again.

To me, with the written Word of God, and all the history through the centuries about the birth, growth, reality of Christianity, history acknowledged by many unbelievers, it takes a Greater Leap of Faith to believe that we are nothing but talking monkeys. To me, chimpanzee theories are utter and sheer foolishness and a deception created by those that hate God. DON’T BE DUPED. There is Intelligent Design with or without man’s accepting it. Written by Frankie The Earthman.

Intelligent Design is the smart answer, evidenced everywhere.

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