Well, when a country has a complete bafoon, a court jester, a class clown, a self-serving, well-dressed common criminal for a President, what else should we expect? I mean really, a President whose main concern is where his next ice cream cone will come from, a President that is responsible for ISIS now using Afghanistan as a terror base, where it’s just a matter of time before America will be attacked.

What really blows my mind is that 30 to 40% of Americans would vote for the fumbling, bumbling, stumbling smooth criminal, Joe Biden. It has now been revealed that up to 12 members of Joe Biden’s family have received money from America’s adversaries. It must be nice to tear a country apart, and walk around joking about everything like a *’retarded retard’ (* saying coined by friend J.Bosse)

Why are we nearing two years since the discovery of Hunter Biden’s laptop debacle? Why is this walking ‘one man freak show’ not in jail?… Hunter is not in jail because he’s protected by the DEEP STATE, and our corrupted, compromised, socialistic, FBI and DOJ, and a bought and paid for (“prosecute all conservative, especially christians court system.” ) Meanwhile, most liberal minded criminals are committing all manner of heinous crimes, and then sent back to the streets to wreak more havoc. So, this sick, mentally disabled ass wipe, Joe Biden seems to be running again in 2024 to ” Finish The Job” as he proudly spews from his ice cream covered fraudulent smile. What does “finish the job” mean, Joe? Don’t walk away moron, I’m talking to you.” Okay, I will tell you what it means. You want to finish the job that you and “The gay wad” Barack Obama started, and fulfill Barack’s generic call for CHANGE. That CHANGE means “the sell out of America to China, Russia, Iran, and any other country that has money for the Biden family. Meaning, shoving down our throats, climate change, an LGBTQ+ perverted agenda, the ruining of our children through the takeover of our schools, and turning them indoctrination camps for socialism and communism. Also, completely ignoring the activities taking place at our Southern border and allowing criminals to run our mostly democrat run cities. Well, do I need to mention the multide of other agendas started by Obama and continued through Joe Biden? How long O Lord, will you stay your intervention into this season of Satan? Frankie The Earthman.

Crooked Joe, “Wants to finish his destruction of America.” Will YOU help him, would you actually vote for this diaper filled shite ass? If you would, go get a brain scan, to see if you have a brain. Or maybe it’s all simpler than that, maybe, you just don’t care.

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