As I try to rise above my recent bout of serious depression, I offer the following: Comparing the Ancient Tower of Babel to the coming New World Order.

First, a look back: Reflecting at the history of humanism, we look back at the Middle Ages, and what their interests were in the Greek and Roman empires. Humanism back then, evolved around literature and antiquities.

Humanism today is not concerned with divine interests, only human. The history of humanism shows that the humanists’ objective is to make man the master of his own destiny.

God showed His displeasure and wrath with those having Humanist Worldview, with a flood, that left Noah and his family with restarting the human race.

Back to The Tower of Babel: To protect us from tyranny, God divided mankind by languages. The pattern throughout history has been for a nation to rise and a tyrant as its leader. Then, the surrounding nations unite to destroy the tyrant. History repeats itself. God’s word enlightens us. It is prophetic for the New World Order to come ( Revelation 13 and many more). Where there is one nation with only one leader, tyranny goes unchallenged.

In closing with this quick look at Humanism and the result Of mankind trying to be the ruler of his own destiny; we must conclude that God has not been, and will never be happy with man trying to be God, or rise above Him. The coming of the New World Order is prophesied and will come true. One question America must ask is what is our position and standing on the coming NWO? Our stance and relationship with Israel is crucial.

One final note about The Tower of Babel in history. God not only divided mankind by languages, He disinherited all nations except Israel ( His portion). Don’t we have to ask the question: Why has Israel been separated, and then hated by virtually the rest of the world? It’s because Israel is the beneficiary of Gods’ protection. A remnant of Jews has always survived World Wars, and Gods’ covenant promises to the Jews were evident in Israel becoming a nation in May of 1948. Written by Frankie The Earthman.

Secular Humanism, the enemy of God. Pic from Fauquier High School student in Virginia.

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