Here’s the deal: Joe Biden doesn’t want to save us from the crimes happening at our southern border. Joe doesn’t want to save us from the different ways that China is attacking us; the fentanyl that is coming across the Southern border designed to kill every American; the criminals coming across the southern border, the abuse and death of children occurring at the Southern border, etc, etc. But Joe wants to do something about those horrible MAGA REPUBLICANS. What a crock of political bullshit; as half of the half wit ( send me my government money dems, nodding their woke heads in agreement), will vote for this scum bag AGAIN.

Further: Joe is not going to do anything about the rampant crime in most of our major cities, where people can not even walk down the street without fear of being mugged, raped, or killed. Joe will do nothing about high gas, food, and energy prices in general.


Joe is clueless about Russia, China, Iran, and others plotting a NWO, without the USA being included in the scheme; but Joe SURE DOES WANT TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THOSE DEMOCRACY DESTROYING MAGA REPUBLICANS. Also, what would the “soul dead” Joe Biden know about saving the soul of America? What does that mean in his ” child groping sick PEDO mind?”

If Joe Biden is a Savior, then I’m the Queen of England. Sleep on you, “Woke Zombie Americans.” YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, YOU LITTLE BASEMENT DWELLING, PAJAMA BOY AND GIRL, CANDY ASSES. IF YOU’S ARE THE FUTURE, AMERICA HAS NO FUTURE because here is what you little babies don’t understand; this country was won with guns, faith, and courage. You’s have no understanding of this critical truth because you’s don’t care for any truth other than your own petty, small, selfish truth and dysphoric little worlds. Frankie The Earthman.

Klaus Schwab, (WEF) and Joe Biden want your soul, plain and simple.

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