Why? CREEPY PEDO JOE, actually believes he is doing a good job; He ignores the fact that 75% of Americans do not want him to run for president.

Here is what blows my mind: Dull, dreary, woke, half wit, half educated, history ignorant, white folk hating, God hating, Americans would vote for Circus freak Pedo Joe for 4 more years to ” Finish The job” Just what does finish the job’ mean, Joe? I will help you understand it means; that is completing the job of utterly destroying America and everything that is American, and then marching his happy ass off into the sunset to collect the taxpayers monies for whatever years of life this ignoramus has. He should be put in a straight jacket, interrogated and thrown underneath the jail, and somebody, please swallow the key and shit it out in a deep river. Frankie The Earthman.

Joe is doing a great job! Riiiiiiiiiiiggghhhtt.

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