Justice terrifies evildoers. Look at the American Democratic Party. Fear is the tactic of evildoers. Accusing others for his failures is the tactic of Joe Biden. Joe Biden is a reprobate heathen.The democrats are scared to death of Donald Trump. He represents potential failure for disrupting the democrat regressive plot to completely subject America to Communism and the NWO global agenda. The leaders of the Democrat party knowingly or unknowingly are the platform for supporting the appearance of the AntiChrist. The NWO is prophecied in scripture. Like I have said, there is no stopping it. America might have some say in how deep we kowtow to the Satanic agenda. Frankie The Earthman.

Satan does not look like this, he is a glorious looking angel of light, he can manifest in many ways. Watch out or you will be fooled.

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