It’s time to clear the air. At the risk of sounding like a zealot, weirdo, fanatic, I feel the need to explain some things. Here is a glimpse of recent events in my life. Going back to just over a year ago, I almost died, or it could be said, TAKEN FROM THIS WORLD. At least that is what it felt like to me, as I am sure my wife and now 15 year old son felt the same way. [ One day in Jan/Feb? , 2022, my blood sugar went low, I was not aware of how low, as I had taken my Lantus that evening on top my already lower than normal blood sugar level, I went unconscious for two days, had to be put on a ventilator, and was close to death, I have no memory of “where I was for two days” ( I believe I was in the palm of God’s hand.) The above occurred just after I encountered a totally (unbeknownst to me) infection in one of my teeth; the infection went into my blood ( with Sepsis, called Endocarditis) and settled in my Tricuspid Heart Valve, destroying it. I had to be on super antibiotics for about 12 weeks, as the infection had entered one of my lungs, which was a tough road to endure. If circumstances were not bad enough, accompanying my infection, I had a super bad reaction to Fluoxetine and was in heavy hallucinations for weeks. ( I really can’t recall how long I was in hallucination) *briefly, here is how weird it got, as I was going back and forth between reality and hallucination, and often didn’t perceive the difference. I’m still foggy about the chronology of the affair.

*Hallucinating, I experienced and was sure my neighbor had been assassinated. We are up about 2000 feet, and he is our only close neighbor. I dreamed him shot from his heavily wooded backyard by a sniper. One day, I hallucinated that the FBI had set up in the woods and was investigating like a CSI team to figure out how he was shot. I roamed around the house, peeping out the windows and watching the FBI work. Then I had an hour long conversation with two FBI agents that I’m not sure were even there.

Then, on another hallucination , I had President Biden in my house, and we had a rather lengthy conversation as my wife and son told me. ( By the way, in real life, Joe Biden would not be allowed to step foot in my house.) In addition to Joe being in my house, I had his entourage of vehicles coming down the mountain, and parking at different places around my house. This was totally weird. Anyway, there were many more stories that I may reveal someday. My son eventually came up to me and told me that none of this stuff was happening. My neighbor was not dead, and Joe Biden had not been to our house. I was relieved but confused as it was so real to me. Anyway, I was off of the Fluoxetine and the hallucinations stopped.

So, on May 24th of 2022, I had a minimally invasive bio/pig valve surgery to replace my destroyed Tricuspid valve. If I were to lift up my shirt and show you my chest, you would see virtually no scars or indication that I had this surgery. It’s truly miraculous. ( Thanks to Dr. SARIN and staff, Inova, Fairfax, Va.) By the way, there were times during the sickness and prior to antibiotics that I could barely walk 10 feet without sitting down to recover. I have since regained about 85% of my previous strength and endurance, as it will be one year from my surgery on May 24th, 2023.

Now, the spiritual warfare I mentioned in the title of this post. In summary, and leaving out many stages of my life and Christian walk; I have always been severely attacked by Satan and his minions. Long ago, at my salvation experience back in 1981; [ Note: I had a manifestation from God, two weeks into my salvation experience in 1981, where it felt as if oil had been poured on my head and fell over my shoulders ) I realized I had been given the gifts of evangelism. There were “hot and cold” periods in my life, depending on if I was walking more in the flesh or in the spirit. I find myself praying to God and thanking Him “if” the blood infection and heart trouble was a chastisement. I also find myself rebuking Satan if it was an attack from him. Right now, I am honestly not clear 100% as to what actually happened. I do know that it has been a “long way back.

I seem to have a new zeal to witness for God, using the gifts I have been given from God. Having said that, Satan’s attacks continue and seem to be more deadly. I know that Satan does not want me to open my mouth about God or even remain alive. Lately, it’s been severe depression, my complete condemnation of myself, in what I view as my failed life. I write about suicide sometimes, but I don’t believe that I could actually kill myself. If there was not a God, I’m not so sure. So, I have this blog ( ) as my little platform to write about many things. Lately, I feel the nudging of the Holy Spirit” to write more about what I have learned over the years of my ongoing study and about what God has revealed to me. In fact, join me as I am beginning a very revealing study in the book of Revelation. All for now, Frankie The Earthman.

I’m still in the race for life.

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