Question: BUT FIRST– It is reported and confirmed that Joe Biden’s recent press conference was totally choreographed. He had little Flash Cards with the questions that would be asked and the answer he should give. STOP RIGHT THERE. NOW QUESTION: How will Joe Biden react when he learns that China has launched a nuclear attack against America? Does he have prepared written instructions to tell him what to do? If he can’t handle the situation of an everyday press conference, how in the world will he handle the information that America has been attacked? Is Joe Biden able to respond to anything at all without pre written instructions? Are people able to see how flippant, presumptious, wreckless, careless, and worthless Joe Biden and his gang of conspirators are to National Security? Half of this country just skips along merrily like everything’s wonderful and fine. I’m here to tell you that it aint, not even close. WAKE UP! Frankie The Earthman.

Joe: LIAR, Deceiver, and sorry excuse for a human being, and goes around with his cheesy smile as he puts the whole nation at risk. Yet he is working for the soul of America. How long will we put up with this crap, America?

What an insult! We are being totally duped by our supposed elected president. How long before many Americans wake from woke? How long O Lord, how long?

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