Some of us… play… life… like a board game, it’s new and fun, and we play It with people, there’s a time you get tired, and you put it away. Then, one day, you get it out, and the pieces are broken… Self-discipline is what I wanna feel before you… take it slow, feel before you… yeah, that’s where I stand…

Some of us… live… life… like we didn’t know it exists, care… have to care, or it fades away… Then, one day, you come to life and living is over. I just want self-discipline. I wanna feel before you … take it slow… feel before you… Self-discipline, feel before you, take it slow… That’s what I stand. The Spirit of Frankie, by DAYS OF THE NEW, and the recovering Travis Meeks, a modern day Jim Morrison.

“Some of us live life like we didn’t know it exists. Then one day we come to life and living is over.”

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