OR, Maybe better titled: A typical conversation with Joe, “Show me the money,” Biden.

Interview begins: First question from a child — “Mr. President, what’s the last country that you last visited? Joe replies, Uhm, let’s see, uh, Delaware?” The child responds, “Delaware is not a country it is a state.” Joe replies, Really, come on miss”.

Next question: From a reporter — ” Mr. President, who is the President of the United States?” Joe stammers and stutters, “uh, let me see, snapping his fingers, that black lady, uhm, Kawamdoo Jean Horris? ” The reporter responds,” Do you mean Kamala Harris?” Joe replies, ” No, that black, Jungle Bunny looking gal, always talking from the podium.” Reporter replies, “ Do you mean Karine JeanPierre?” Joe says,”Yes, that’s the one, now we are getting somewhere.” Reporter quips, “Mister president, do you realize you just made a horrible racial comment?” Joe replies, “Come on man, everyone should own a strong backed negro or two.” The reporter clears her throat and sits down.

Next question: A six year old child asks, as her mother is holding her — “Mr. President, do you have any grandchildren?” Joe replies, “If you let me smell your fingers, I will answer you.” The “yellow dog” democrat regressive mother chuckles and says, “You’re so funny, Mr. President.” Joe says, “I’m not kidding, you dog faced pony woman, come here, give me your childs’ fingers!” The lady exits the crowd with her child. Joe says, “No more questions, I’m tired and want an ice cream cone.” Frankie The Earthman.

Lying Joe Bidenski

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