First, why would we ask this question at this time?

After all, isn’t America the premier superpower in the world (economically, etc)? Doesn’t America have a supreme military, second, maybe only to Israel’s? ( I mention Israel because they still have God’s hedge of protection). America does not, IMHO and recent events.

Second, a glance back at America’s comparatively brief existence on the world stage: America is approximately 247 years old – 1776- 2023. America was a dominant force from the second Industrial Revolution ( the 1870s up through WW2). I think America’s heyday ended somewhere in the 1950s ; when America began its cycle of increase, success, complacency, followed by false self security, apathy, self dependence, and falling away from God. This cycle of “increase, success, decline and often extinction, has proven true with Israel ( but, always a remnant remaining ) and every nation back to antiquity, including Mesopotamia, Egypt, *China,( *still exists) and the Indus River Valley, Persia, Assyria, and Israel. More recently, the Greco Roman Empire. Then we come up to modern Europe, Russia, China, Iran, ( ancient Persia). and America.

With this brief history, not being totally inclusive of empires of the past, we see enough to move forward.

FAST FORWARD TO 9/11. Many Bible scholars and non holders of a Biblical world view see the attack of 9/11 as a warning to the United States. ( I realize that some say the attack was organized by our own government, being politically motivated ). PAUSE: This view that 9/11 was a warning from God is based on Israel’s own history and how God has dealt with them in the past. If you study Israel’s ancient history, you will find that in Israels’ times of rebellion, God often gave a warning and then waited approximately 20 years for repentance, if no repentance judgment fell. Note: America is more than twenty years removed from 9/11, so connect the dots. Is there time for America to repent? Answer : Individually, YES, collectively, nationally, maybe, but it might be too late. Answer ( Sometimes, there were lesser or more amounts of time involved. ) I believe it is accurate to say that Jerusalem has been ‘fought over’ sixteen times, destroyed two times, besieged twenty-three times, attacked fifty-two times, captured and recaptured forty four times. [ The fact that Israel survived is evidence of Gods’ long suffering, tender mercies and covenant withHIS PORTION, Israel ] ( These numbers may or may not include more modern events). So, with the above as a glance back , let’s proceed to the theme of this post: HAS GOD TURNED HIS BACK ON AMERICA?

Many would claim that America stopped ‘winning wars’ beginning with Viet Nam, and the many, many conflicts through the nineties. War seemed to stop being about winning and more about politicians making money. PAUSE: It is a good argument that America is no longer the supreme military or economic force that it has been. The corruption has come from within and without. The decline has come through the promotion of American Marxism, Holy War Radical Muslim Jihadism, those who support communism in our halls of Congress, and the destruction of America forwarded and promoted by the likes of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden. Also, the democrats desire for a one party authoritarian government. Continue with the weaponization and politicization of our once most trusted institutions, ie: the DOJ, FBI, EDUCATION SYSTEM, BANKING SYSTEM, SUPREME COURT, ( to an extent), generally our, EXECUTIVE, LEGISLATIVE AND JUDICIAL SYSTEMS, lower court systems, Mayorships, State Sureme Courts, and Govetnors, and the curse of WOKENESS. ( Smirk).

Main theme to what is prophesied: In the last days prior to the rapture of the church’, it is believed that four powerful kings will rise on to the world stage and they have two objectives: #1 is to conquer the world and to reign as global dictators; destroying our freedoms, taking our civil liberties, turning people into slaves and property of the state. #2 is to conquer Israel and destroy the Jewish people. They would need to control the city of Jerusalem in preparation for the rise and anointing of the false messiah, THE ANTI CHRIST, ( ANTI MEANS ‘instead of’, meaning ‘INSTEAD OF CHRIST.’

Right now, the surrounding nations of Israel are screaming for her blood. Anti-Semitism is increasing throughout Europe and the United States. It is so bad that there are celebrations at our universities among our young people, Jews are the targets around the world for assassination, and their synagogues are being vandalized. Worshippers are often killed.

Ezekiel 38-39, the war between Gog and Magog is believed to have begun. Is this Russia attacking Ukraine? Maybe. Some are calling it to beginning of World War 3. We will see.

Look at Revelation 13. This is describing a beast rising out of the sea. The “sea” means the nations of the world. It is believed that John is telling us that he is looking at the nations of the world. John has pulled back the curtain of time to reveal the coming apocalypse, that was foretold over 2000 years ago, is it now coming true in our lifetime? MOST LIKELY.

For the first time in world history, four kings are scheming and taking center stage in world history.

The king of the North seems to be Russia. Although the name Russia is not mentioned in the Bible, it is a geographical certainty. Vladimir Putin is rebuilding Russiain in an effort to take over the world.

Islamic forces and Egypt are the king of the South. We must remember that all reference points are in relationship to Israel. Persia, Ethiopia, and Libya.

The king of the East is China. China no longer fears the US. The Bible word for East means “sun rising.” This king of the East will lead and march an army numbering over 200 million soldiers. The king of the East is distinguished by his number, color, and flag. The three frogs or demonic spirits that seduce him, will get them to come to the Battle of Armageddon. Armageddon is the mother of all wars. Armageddon will be fought on the soil of Israel for global supremacy between the king of the West and the king of the East. The prize is the throne of the earth, to rule and reign, so the victor believes.

It is believed that the king of the West will be the United Kingdom and America. HERE IS WHAT IS SHOCKING AND HARD TO BELIEVE OR ACCEPT : This king will be led by the Anti Christ, forcing every person to receive the “Mark of the Beast” on their right hand or forehead. If you do not comply, you will be killed.

It is believed that the target of the West is Israel. The Anti Christ will set up his image to proclaim that he is God. This will happen in Jerusalem. The Anti Christ will demand that the world worship him and his *false prophet, who will call down fire from heaven to consume the sacrifice laid upon the altar. *( is the false prophet of Catholic origin?) This is copying the prophet Elijah, on Mount Carmel. These four kings who are currently scheming throughout the world, are destined to face the King of kings and Lord of lords, in all of His glory. Our God is the true creator of the universe and is promised to rule and reign for all eternity. This God has all power in heaven and earth. He holds the seven seas in the palm of His hand and he calls the stars by name. Who can possibly be greater than our God? NOT ONE. No earthly army or king can defeat our Saviour. God is the only one controlling the future of Jerusalem and He is the author of your salvation and mine. My prayer is that those who have not trusted Jesus Christ will do so, before it’s too late. Things may be OK for awhile, but will WAX WORSE AND WORSE. So has God turned his back on America? I guess we are soon to find out. Written by Frankie The Earthman.

Be like Rocky, stay in the fight. Picture by student at Fauquier High School art show in Virginia.

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