It’s not what you think it is, or have been taught, or even observed; it’s much deeper, it’s within; it’s in your spiritual man, woman, or child.

It’ not gun violence. A trigger does not pull itself, a bullet does not jump into a magazine and look for victims. It’s human heart violence. The human heart is the dwelling place for violence and murder and all the other heinous crimes that humans commit against each other.

It’s not blatant hatred of God. It’s apathy, ignorance, and little or no desire to seek God and find out who He is. It’s an oversight; humans not seeing that all life comes from God, and we would have no life without Him.

It’s not young criminals hiding under hoods and masks, breaking glass and stealing whatever they want. It’s loneliness, poverty, not having. It’s humans not finding unconditional love, the thing needed most by every living breathing creature. It’s missing God and Him not being available to comfort us in our flesh, blood, and bone turmoil.

It’s not understanding Christ’s preexistence. It’s not fully understanding that God did not first appear as a baby in a manger. He was metaphorically a prince in heaven. He was and is a third part, making up the Trinity. He spoke the world into existence. He knows your name. He knew you before he made you in your mothers’ womb. He knows if you believe in Him or not. If you do not believe in Him, He waits patiently, but even God’s patience can wear thin. Consider these things as you wake up to truth. Frankie The ERthman.

See yourself reflecting in the water.

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