Blanket statements: I will say it again, guns do not kill people. People kill people. Blacks kill more blacks than whites kill blacks. It’s way past time to get off this Democrat merry – go round of “agenda driven” rhetoric and lies.

So, to Republicans and mainly far right radical Democrats, get your heads out of your butts, the beans out of your ears, and the scales off of your eyes, and listen to what this Common man with a little bit of Common sense has to say.

Briefly, don’t look for a speck of truth in anything that White House Spokesperson, Karine Jean – Pierre ( she watched too much ‘Jacque Cousteau’ as a child ) has to say. She is bought and paid for by the Biden crime family unit, and probably George Soros, and God only knows who else.

Every time we have a shooter situation the democrats scream, “We gots’ to do something about gun violence.” Yes, we certainly do. But in the democrats typical, ignorant, uninformed, uncaring, stance, they do not understand the issue, ( and do not really care ). Taking guns out of law-abiding citizens will enable the criminals. It will disable law about citizens from protecting themselves. It will disable America loving citizens from rising up against government tyranny. This has to be recognized. It is part of the 2030 agenda. It is part of the plan “right out of the Communist manifesto.” DO YOU GET ME, MY WOKE SWEETHEART DARLINGS?

It’s my personal opinion that the best that could result in banning AR- 15’s, assault rifles, ( whatever the current terminology is ), is that, it might ‘slow down’ the number of deaths in a shooters spree. However, this benefit pales in the total negative effect of such a law or action.

Remember, abolishing the Second Amendment would be another ‘control feature’ [ Like Covid, and the enforcement of the coming climate agenda, LOCKDOWNS required, lie] of an authoritarian government. If you do not obey the state’s rules, they want to come to your home uncontested and arrest you or worse. If you are a moron, stop being a moron before the “Socialist, Communist, Swastika wearing, STRONGMAN” takes every right that you and I have, away. Frankie The Earthman.

Coming to get us, unless we grow some balls.

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