As I stood in the kitchen and poured a shot of De Kuyper Peppermint Schnaps and my chaser, Miller Lite beer, I glanced to my right through the ‘wall cut out’ looking into the dining room and noticed our mirror. I wondered, should I go and stand in front of it, and check myself out, which would have normally been an unusual practice, other than normal quick glances, as I ‘went about’ the course of my living on any given day or evening.

I wondered if, for only a fleeting few seconds, I could look beyond my flesh reflection and see what was really in my heart. Could I go beyond the natural tendency of humans to look upon only the outward appearance? Could I rise above myself and see the real me? Would I be disappointed? Would I not be prejudiced or biased in my own evaluation? Excuse me, I will go look. Frankie The Earthman. Note: This post developed from a glance at a mirror to nearly a full straight on Automatic Writing episode. What a pleasant surprise, the art of receiving, THE waiting, Secret Other. Frankie The Earthman.

The Mirror.

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