You might be asking, “How can I say such a thing?” Well, I’m so glad you asked me. Now, if you are a bleeding heart liberal, don’t bother reading this post because you won’t be happy. I wouldn’t want you to pee or soil yourself, and run to your safe space in your mamas basement, sucking your thumb and crying, blaming Donald Trump for all of your failures.

I come from a born-again, independent conservative world view. I am a hardcore realist, and I refuse to live in the Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi congressional after glow of corruption and deception, without speKing up, See I’m not concerned with how you feel.For the sake of truth, I do not mind hurting your feelings.

Back to the title of this post. Apparently, America has learned little to nothing from previous civilizations. I will use Rome, and Israel as examples.

I am mentioning Rome because many consider America to be the modern-day Babylon. By mentioning Rome, I mean full corruption and destruction from the inside. To make a long story short, I believe America has brought her decline on, by her ‘forgetting how and not teaching how this nation was founded. One example that can be used among many is the stories of George Washington and what has proven to be divine intervention from God in America’s founding. Also, look at the gifts of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Yet we must remember that Joe Biden, and the rest of the congressional thugs do not want a Constitution any longer. It interferes with the goals of their 2030 agenda and one party system.

Understand I am speaking collectively about a nation and not as individual believers or unbelievers in *God; *that is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and includes the Son, Jesus Christ.

Apparently we have not learned from the stories of Israel’s ancient history. Apparently, we don’t remember that God dealt with ‘good kings and bad kings’ through the centuries; His perfect will being accomplished as He was long-suffering with Israel as a whole. Apparently, we have forgotten how God punishes our sin if we continue in it, with the example of the flood. Apparently, we don’t understand the implications of what happened at the Tower of Babel, referring to Gods’ condemnation of evil. Apparently, we don’t understand why God confused the languages. Apparently, we don’t remember that God disinherited every nation except for Israel and that He claimed them as ‘His portion.’ Apparently, we don’t understand that God does not like socialism or communism. Do I need to say, look around at the world, and see the results of these authoritarian governments?

I am torn between saying America has brought her decline on, and saying that we shouldn’t be surprised because America’s decline is prophecied in Scripture. Again, I will mention that it’s very peculiar that America is not directly mentioned in “End Time events. There are some theories, claiming America at best, being mentioned indirectly.

Here is the wrap-up: God isolated Israel for a reason, He had set them apart for Himself. If you study history, you will find out that God does not like a global agenda or system. If people do not want to get with His program, He is against them, although He is long-suffering. God does not have a problem with walls separating nations. Again, I reference the Tower of Babel.

I also say that America has brought on her decline by her ignorance. She has not learned from history. She did not recognize Barack Obama and Joe Biden for the devil’s that they are. I would go as far as to say they are forerunners to the coming AntiChrist. Barack Obama is a snake. His wife Michael is a snake. Joe Biden is an “American way of life all consuming Python. Kamal Harris is a snake, waiting to consume anything that might be left after the Biden administration.

So, I’ll say it again America, like Rome, has brought her decline on by her moral and political corruption and having little to no awareness or discernment of God’s prophecies concerning her. What I would really like to say is, don’t be left behind, maybe we should take a look at what’s coming, ie: THE RAPTURE, THEN TRIBULATION. All for now, Frankie The Earthman. ONE FINAL COMMENT: Is it a bridge too far for me to claim that, like Satan, Joe Biden is the ultimate liar and destroyer?; and he does it all with that shitty little grin on his face. If you can’t see what is so obvious, then you must be spiritually dead. Now go tell your mommy what the bad Frankie’ said, because I couldn’t care less. Visit if you dare!

Satans’ daughter, the liar.

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