Are you bred for society? Hopefully, you had great parents who cared enough to love and support you in accomplishing “your” desired dreams, as long as the dream was not destroying you.

Hopefully, you escaped teachers trying to fill you with their ideas of what would make you a successful or good human being.

Are you aware that you are being bred for socialism? Are you aware that many of those in government power positions look at you as cattle? Some that look at all of us as a giant social experiment? Don’t be bred by those politicians that want to control you down to your very thoughts. There are politicians who want to initiate a ‘Chinese reward punishment system’ to control you based on compliance. You must wear your masks, you must separate by six feet, you must get a Covid shot every year. You must drive electric vehicles, stop eating meat, stop cows from farting, don’t use gas stoves, don’t call me Steve, I’m ‘transing‘ to Eve. “Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign.” You must agree the Southern border is closed when all know that it is open. You must say that the rampant crime in all major Democrat run cities, are just peaceful protests. Okay I’m sure you understand, the powers that be not only want you live their lies, they will gaslight you and destroy you if you don’t. Frankie The Earthman.

A total embarassment to
reality, Joe’s little Bunny.

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