Around this globe, where the devil’s cling, where there’s so much noise, I can’t hear a thing, I long to sit with an angel, where angels sing.

My ears came to life when I heard Malakai sing. His voice entered my heart and changed everything. He stood there so calm, so strong, no frills, I close my eyes and see him, still...

If the murderer could hear Malakai before thrusting his knife, it would stop him cold and surely save a life.

Malakai’s voice could freeze a finger on a trigger … stop a bullet from being delivered, turn a heart to wax, a soul deliver, from all this earthly mayhem and tremors. Written by Frankie The Earthman at the sound of Malakai Bayoh’s angelic voice.

The day I met Rip Van Winkle … uh, I mean Santa Claus.

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