JOIN ME in a study of what is called THE ANTHROPIC PRINCIPLE.

This subject will require you to think. Take a break from your 10 second soundbite world ( if that is you, and I hope not) and expand your mind.

I am fascinated with the subject of why we are on this earth; both the physical, spiritual, and mysterious must be studied. This post will be a brief introduction. Often times my conversation will be paraphrased, and others times it will be verbatim. ( I will acknowledge my sources, and distinguish my input. ) As I was talking to my son ‘Ari’ , I found myself saying that I was going to take a “rather large complicated subject and try and shrink it down for the average person, which includes myself.”

So, let’s have a bit of introduction, and as I said, I will circle back to “introductory” before we go deep.

Robert Dicke in 1957 wrote in his hypothesis “That the range of possible observations that we could make about the universe is limited by the fact that observations could only happen in a universe capable of developing intelligent life in the first place. Proponents of the anthropic principle argue that it explains why this universe has the age and the fundamental physical constants necessary to accommodate conscious life, since if either had been different, we would not have been around to make observations. Anthropic reasoning is often used to deal with the notion that the universe seems to be finely tuned for the existence of life. Frankie The Earthman. Part Two soon.

Are you connecting the dots about the “higher things of life” or are you hung up on identity issues?

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