The Possessor, the Enchantress, and the Destroyer are all under the spirit of Baal. These are the ancient Demon spirits that afflicted ancient Israel. They are THE DARK TRINITY. J. CAHN– RETURN OF THE GODS

These same spirits are now attacking and wreaking havoc in America. You might be asking why do I say this and where is the evidence? Well have you looked at what is going on in society?. Have you looked at how the LGBTQ+ community (The minority) insists on changing everything to their way‘ in spite of the (majority) The majority don’t seem to have any rights. So what am I getting at? What I’m getting at is that this is a deep spiritual problem involving demons from antiquity. They are here because America has basically kicked God out of all of our institutions, our government’s, our schools. When you kick something out, something replaces it. So let’s say it plainly, when you kick God out, Satan and his minions come in. Is that clear enough for you?

Can we use some common sense just for one issue? Let’s take the transgender debacle. Why is it that the transgenders claim that God made a mistake and put a man in a woman’s body or a woman in a man’s body? If this were true, why does a woman have to experience mutilation of her private parts, removal of breasts, etc? Also, a man to experience castration and all of these gross heinous hormone treatments that can not change DNA, not one iota? Just because someone feels something does not make it true. Why can’t people get that through their heads? They can’t get it through their heads because the demons are controlling them. It’s all part of the plan to bring America down. Enough for now, Frankie The Earthman.

Skating away on the thin ice of a new day. J. Tull… If you should go skating on the thin ice of modern life… Pink Floyd

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