Is the main purpose of education to make you smart so that you can earn a lot of money? The idea being that the more money you make the higher your status in life. Well this can be true.

Many years ago when I had the privilege of studying at Liberty University; I had this wonderful teacher, I believe the subject was Hebrew Archeology. and History. ( let me digress) Do you know that no archeological wine has ever proved anything in the Bible?… Just thought I would throw that in now back to my main subject.

I am super worried about the decline of our education system in America. There is too much political correctness, too much politicization, too much weaponization, too much confusion about gender identity. There is too much concern about using correct pronouns to identify people. I believe a lot of our youth are confused about identity because they don’t really know who they are. They allow agenda-driven media and teachers to tell them who they are, and often times the parents stand idly by (or are not wanted in the situation, or are denied in even knowing about a situation ) or don’t know what to do about it. Some parents are deeply concerned.

So, as it so often happens with me, I know that the youth of our day, culture and society, must look around and scratch their heads, as they say, where do I fit in? Of course this doesn’t apply to everyone. America and the world is in bad shape. There are so many spiritual underpinnings to our problems. I believe we are in decline as a nation because of our lack of spiritual understanding, and a perspective of the spiritual nature of life itself.

I believe the purpose of a true education, is not primarily knowing names, dates, times and places. I am old school, so I will say, Reading,Writing and Arithmetic are essential. ( Having said that, we have the life of Abraham Lincoln to look at. We come to learn that he was pretty much self-taught, through extensive reading.)

What I learned from my college professor at Liberty University is very simple. I wish it were at the forefront of every teacher’s mind in this country. I believe it would help us recover what has been lost. I learned the purpose of an education is to “help people learn to think about problems properly.” This may sound like an oversimplification, and that would be easy to do and move on from it, but we had better think more deeply about it.

As parents we had better learn to take action against our corrupt government. The current leaders that we have in this country are putting our futures at dangerous risk, because of not teaching children what made this country great, and that education ( and not rewriting history ) among other things, will keep it great. WAKE FROM WOKE. Frankie The Earthman.

The future.
Ari’el Shou.
Read, read, and then read some more, then tell your story.

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