Please read previous posts One and Two regarding The Anthropic Principle.

Look at The Goldilocks Enigma–Paul Davies book ( 2006 ).

1. The absurd universe: Our universe just happens to be the way it is. 2. The unique universe: There is a deep underlying unity in physics that necessitates the Universe being the way it is. Some Theory of Everything will explain why the various features of the universe must have exactly the values that we see. 3. The multiverse: Multiple universes exist, having all possible combinations of characteristics, and we inevitably find ourselves within a universe that allows us to exist. 4. Intelligent design: A creator designed the universe with the purpose of supporting complexity and the emergence of intelligence. 5. The life principle: There is an underlying principle that constrains the Universe to evolve towards life and mind. 6. The self – explaining universe: A closed explanatory or causal loop: ” Perhaps only universes with a capacity for consciousness can exist”. This is Wheeler’s Participatory Anthropic Principle. (SAP) 7. The fake universe: We live inside a virtual reality simulation.

Omitted here is Lee Smolin’s model of cosmological natural selection, also known as fecund universes, which proposes that universes have offspring that are more plentiful if they resemble our universe. Also see Gardener (2005.)

Clearly, each of these hypotheses resolve some aspects of the puzzle while leaving others unanswered. I hope that the information I have provided leads you into a deeper research of this subject, ie: The nucleosynthesis of carbon – 12, Cosmic inflation, String theory, Dimensions of spacetime. Frankie The Earthman.

Beauty is everywhere.

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