SOMEWHERE, SOMETIME AGO, as a little boy with a pen and a yellow legal pad, writing my first thoughts and words ( scribble really); deep down inside I knew. I knew, as did my biological father, ( because one day, in front of grandparents, brothers, sisters, and others, Coy Sr. said it, and brought it to life, “See that one right there.”, he said, pointing at me, sitting on the floor, trying to be a normal kid … “He’s a loser.”… I remember thinking, “Where the hell did that come from?” I suppressed it for decades, but it always haunted. I thought I had it defeated, but it always shadowed and lingered. So, here I am in the afterglow of it all, forty plus year’s of writing, that will more than likely die with me. I tried, I failed, I’m tired of the battle, and it all just dawned on me last night and this morning, that it’s been a long, sometimes lonely, most always troubling, filled with misunderstanding, controversial road, perhaps my only friend in this writing charade has been God.( Yet, constantly attacked by Satan.)

I don’t fit in “down here” on earth, I never will. I desire my “long home”… “This” is nearly over, ” the writing that is, boy howdy, what a waste, and a wasteland, ( Never, ever, ever, in a thousand lives be a writer.) my life, the charade, signing off, Frankie The Earthman. “I can breathe again”. “Life for everyone comes down to one last exit.”


There are a lot of things that make me the man I am, as there are with everyone. Like everyone else, there’s a lot of good and bad mixed up in me, that makes me human. I desire to walk in the spirit, though I often fall and fail in the flesh, this is the struggle for the Christian.

I desire to share my life experience. I realize that Christianity is not for everyone. God has graciously given us free will. He came to his own Creation in a sincere effort to reveal who the Father is, Jesus said, ” If you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father.” I know this is a hard thing to unpack, but “we see through a glass darkly now.” REST ASSURED, ALL WILL BE REVEALED. This may also be hard to unpack and digest but here it is, I’m doing what I’m called to do. Whether we like it or not, in this life or during this life, we are called to decide if we’ll live in a “spirit of life” or the law of sin and death. I have a responsibility through decisions I’ve made in my life, to tell what I have learned and believe, and this comes at a very *high risk and price, yet you and everyone else are worth it. * The risk and price that I’ve decided to take and pay involves being perceived as a complete lunatic by some, and a sincere prophet by others. Both are very dangerous, in this present culture we live in. You see we live in a postmodern society which means that there are no “Absolute Truths” widely accepted to guide us. This is why we have all the chaos and destruction, and I’m sorry to say, it’s going to get much worse before it gets better. Frankie The Earthman.


I’m not referring to “Madison Square Garden”, although some great performances have happened there.

I will be sharing my worldview, studies, faith, opinion, and experience based on a Supposition: God is an eternal spirit, “beyond humanity’s imagination or comprehension.” God can be “seen/ evidenced” in His creation, that is if one has a mind, a heart, a desire to see Him. Human beings tend to see what they want to see, to support their belief system. God spoke the world into existence, and then at the “appointed time” paid a visit to his own creation, was rejected by his creation, crucified, paid a ransom for man’s salvation ( to those that believe, it’s not a UNIVERSAL, “everybody is IN automatically” offering, it’s a relationship, through faith ), and returned to heaven. This was called the first Advent. During Christ’s appearance in the First Advent, He came as a sacrificial Lamb. Christ will return again, only this time as a Lion, to reclaim what is HIS.

I had many potential titles for this post today, such as The Real Problems Man Must Face — or, Life Explained For Dummies. There were others, but I will leave mentioning with these for now. I will speak this as if sitting down with a person one on one, as if I’m thinking out loud.

Where to start? Ah, right here. The biggest problem facing modern man is not climate change. Although the dark powers of this world are using ” climate” as a control and fear-mongering tactic, this being “but one factor” leading us to the culmination of “this age.” [ Among many tactics and controls through the current administrations lie of Uniting The Country are the really “Divisive TOOLS” of Covid, CRT, Political Correctness, Cancel Culture, Legal Correctness Theory, Identity Politics, Race Baiting, and more] In, what I would call “fact”, a lot of the problems that are manifesting in our country and in the world, revolve around the advancement of Marxist/ Communist Manifesto “take over and rule the world agendas.” Freedom is being “run to” by millions trying to escape communist regimes. What I find perplexing, peculiar, and troubling is that the masses are coming to an America that is hell-bent ( by some) on a total departure from God, and total dependence on government. I guess in a lot of cases, things are so bad where these people have migrated from, that they still view America as the “Land of Hope.” Having said that, it might be wise or unwise for “them” not to talk to Americans that have been around for a while, and realize the decline that is here and spreading.

What I have said so far and will say, more than likely will not be heard on the news, from your neighbor, or even in a lot of Churches. It seems that the “Church” has caved in, “gave in to” the world to a certain extent, not in totality mind you. Instead of sticking with the “Commission of the Gospel” and telling its plain, simple, but sometimes controversial truths, ( misundersgood mostly through lack of faith, and incorrect interpretation.) Churches and most denominations have digressed with and sacrificed the proclaiming of the Gospels plain truth, to a watered-down weak powerless version, due to not wanting to offend anyone, and keeping the people coming in through their own agendas. Eureka! ( Social Clubs) A lot of this is going on because pastors, leaders, even the Pope, and many Christians are being compromised by LGBTQ agendas, same sex marriages, and the like, the growing acceptance of pedophilia as a normal sex habit.

So, why do I say that we must get BACK TO THE GARDEN, even though we can never go back? I say this because, in my supposition and belief system, I believe this is where the “detour, that is “this age” began” I am talking about the history of humanity in this age, ( be careful, listen closely) beginning in and around 4003 B.C., and continuing until now, 2021 and counting. Now, why do I call this age a “detour?”… I use this terminology (and please refer to Michael Heiser’s book, The Unseen Realm) to say, based on interpreting Scripture, that when God placed Adam and Eve in the garden, they were the first of what God planned/ wanted to be a *Divine Council on earth. Also the whole earth was to be Edenic. * Then refer to Psalm 82, the first verses, as they refer to God’s Divine Council in heaven. Friends, this requires deep study, don’t miss it! … In Psalm 82, you will discover God is chastising His Divine Council ( lower elohim) for their failed leadership on the Earth. To understand this you must return and have a look at the story of the Tower of Babel. This is where ( because of sin and rebellion) and God saying (paraphrased) “if ‘they can build a tower to Heaven, they can do anything”; that God decided to confuse the languages. As or more importantly, God did the following, and this is crucial, He disinherited all the nations, except the “little sliver of land” that would be Israel ( God called Israel “His inheritance”) and ‘for’ his chosen people, the Hebrews/ Jews. This should give you some insight as to why most all of the world and its inhabitants are caught up in the spiritual ongoing conflict between the elohim (lower gods) of all nations and the one highest Elohim, YHWH, pronounced YAHVEH. AND ISRAEL. This is an insight into why Israel is the center of the world and why it is hated so much. I confidently say that America is under attack because of her association with Israel, America, guilty and convicted of being a supporter of God’s people. This should bring you to an understanding of America’s foundation with our ally and sister, the nation of Israel. You must look around and ask yourself, why is Israel so hated, why is the United States now hated? I will mention this and then leave it to you to follow up, to further your knowledge and understanding. Check out closely what is going on with China and Russia and remember both nations as “invading forces from the North” in Biblical Prophecy.

In conclusion, ( to this post which is in no way totally conclusive) I will say again that climate change is not humanity’s biggest enemy, it is a lie. I am really hoping that humanity can wake up to the fact that our biggest enemy is death. Satan has been fighting God from the beginning, as he is one of the lower elohim that did not want God to have a representative council in mankind on the earth. This is why Satan who, having been kicked out of heaven, was waiting in the Garden of Eden, as the “Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil” to continue his fight against God and His creation, Adam and Eve, through which Christ would eventually come. Remember the scripture, “you shall bruise His heel, and He shall crush your head.” All for now, Frankie The Earthman.


AT THE TABLE ARE, Russia, China, and The United States, represented by Putin, Xi, and ( God give me strength, Biden.) other key players are on the sidelines watching. The question is, will Russia invade Ukraine? The second question is, will China invade Taiwan? The third question is will Russia and China do this in tandem? , the forth and biggest question is, will Joe Biden have a clue as to what is going on? Will he just walk away and stick his head in the sand, and scream, “Mommy make this all go away.”

We certainly can’t depend on Kamala Harris to know her ass from a hole in the ground. Who has the backbone and the legs to straddle this Grand Canyon of apathy and ignorance? … Nancy Pelosi? … don’t make me laugh.Where have you gone Donald Trump, our nation turns its lonely eyes to you … Frankie The Earthman.


Oh, you will have to wait 55 years to do that my friends, that is if you’re still alive. Reference a 90-day report released by “Becker” ‘something or other’, about adverse reactions to initial ‘flippantly called’ ” jabs” ( I have grown to hate that term, isn’t that a boxing term?) Also, it seems this is the same ‘upside down’ “no accountability philosophy” spewed by Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party, Biden, Congress, and some Republicans; (Pass the 1400 page legislature and then we’ll see what’s in it. Riiiiight) “get the shot and then we’ll look at the data and documentation.” Note: Pfizer and “Becker” both have 90-day reports that are dated December 1st, 2020 — to February 2021. The bottom line is this — seems requests have been made to the FDA, CDC, and whoever is responsible, for “data documentation and history of the initial testing on Covid.” The answer generally received in response to these requests was that “it would take 55 years to provide this information.”

Here’s the “dirt”… it seems during operation “warp speed”, all manner of ethics and codes of conduct were bypassed by the FDA, Anthony Fauci, whoever from the W.H.O. and others, representing the government at that time, so on and so forth. Okay, friends, yous’ are going to have to run with this yourselves, I have led you to the well, but I can’t make you drink … Folks, when the train comes around, do not get on the train! I repeat, do not get on the train! no matter how many lies you are told. Can you say “PLANDEMIC?”


Come on now, open up, Don’t Close Your Eyes Forever, come on and open up, you know that things will soon be better.

There’s lots of things to see and do although inclement weather, come on and sit back up, things will soon be better.

Return the beating of your heart, a smile upon your face to start, a word upon your tongue to speak, don’t leave me here alone to freak. … Open up your eyes... Frankie The Earthman.



These are the seasons of emotion and like the wind they rise and fall, this is the of wonder of devotion, I see the torch we all must hold, this is the mystery of the quotient, upon us all a little rain must fall.

I’ve lost the summer of my smiles, upon me now, keepers of the gloom. The Rain Song, LED ZEPPELIN … SOME WORDS changed to apply to me. Frankie The Earthman 12- 4- 21.


THAT’S RIGHT YOU! … I’m over here, I want to talk to you … why are you on this earth?… how do you feel about the way things are going?… Are things going well for you? Do you value your life, others’ lives? Do you really think that you evolved from monkeys?… Or that some soon returning alien race put you/us here on earth, and are coming back soon to check up on us? Just what do you think and believe? How do you feel and what do you think about the precision with which the universe seems to have been made, and is maintained? Would it blow your mind to find that there could be a God that actually spoke this whole thing into existence, and He “knew you” in eternity past, before you ever took on this Flesh Blood and Bone earth suit that you’re running around in? What do you think happens when a person dies? Is there an undertaker to prepare you and throw you in the ground, or burn you up in a fire? And that is the end? Would it blow your mind to find out that you have an eternal spirit living inside of you? … okay, I have to go for now, but I’ll catch up with you later, think about these things and maybe we can talk more later. Frankie The Earthman.


Seems to me, I guess everybody knows or should know; if you’re white and defend yourself you’re a criminal. If you’re black and you take a red SUV and mow down and kill several people and injure a bunch more, you’re a victim and being demonized, and the court system doesn’t work. Well, la dee da …

Well folks, I think we have it all wrong, ( as to the raging lawlessness, disrespect for life, and all the other Madness going on in our culture. (Here I go preaching again, but I can’t resist.) What can we do to change how a child is raised? … What can we do about their parents either loving them or neglecting and abusing them? Why do we sacrifice, limit, and hinder Public Safety by not putting criminals in jail, because the general view is that our prison systems make hardened criminals out of a lot of people?

Until we all look at our fallen nature and our dark hearts, very little is going to change. I’ll leave it at that for now … Frankie The Earthman. Alias– J. Nicholson look-alike, somewhat.


His nickname was “Gum” ( he hated his name, Hanson ) he was the Maintenance Man at Ravenwood Towers, in Falls Church Virginia for “many a year.” He did everything from Electricity to Plumbing, from Venetian blinds to hauling dead people out of one of the 365 unit apartment complex he took care of. ( no one else would think of doing such a task ) See, he was much more than a maintenance man, he was my grandfather on my mother’s side, a scrappy combination of German and Russian. He had a nice leather recliner and a console color TV. ( Seems I was almost always over for a visit), just inside my grandparent’s apartment, before you go into the living room, stood a white refrigerator, that was always filled with Coca-Cola, chocolate milk, and all kinds of goodies. My grandfather had quite the sweet tooth, my two brothers, sister and I were glad of it. It was our warm friendly, accommodating second home. I was the one that enjoyed the time they’re the most, as I could get away from my two brothers and sister whom I loved well enough, but I had started writing a little bit and I wanted the peace. Oftentimes, I would spend damn near the whole summer there, enjoying a nice swimming pool, plenty of friends, tennis, baseball, football, and often went up to a nice shopping center called Seven Corners. I remember going there with a friend named Dennis Cooper, if we had a few dollars between us, we knew we could have a good time. There was a Woolworths we loved to visit. Now, I look back and it seems like another life.

Anyway, seemed “something funny” was always happening at my grandparent’s apartment. My grandfather often found leftover furniture, clothes, and all kinds of items left behind upon the evacuation of some of the tenants. My grandmother and I used to ride the service elevator in the evening, stopping on each floor, to see if anybody had left any unwanted items for us to look over and take home if we wanted to.

Most of these stories happened in times around 1965 to the early 70s, if I remember correctly. One funny story I have never forgotten is the time I came visiting, and the air seemed thick with trouble. After stopping at the refrigerator and getting a drink I came into the living room and saw my grandfather with ( what I knew was an angry face) … I kept moving over to the dining room where my grandmother was sitting looking at me, shaking her head but not saying anything. I knew Gum and Mildred May ( My grandma’s name) were fighting. I knew not to say anything as I sat down, but noticed a cuckoo clock in a small trash can beside my grandmother’s chair, that had normally hung on the wall just behind her. Mildred May had complained so much about the cuckoo clock ( found in a vacated apartment by Gum) cuckooing and going off so much, that Gum came over and ripped the clock off the wall, stomped it on the floor, and threw it in the trash can; as the spring had been extended about four feet in the air, with a cockeyed bluebird hanging on the end of it. I just about cracked up laughing but knew I couldn’t let my grandfather hear me, so I snuck in the kitchen and hid for a while. Maybe more in another post. Frankie The Earthman.